Asia-Europe Cross-Cultural Summer Academy 2013

Certificate and ECTS

Participants were awarded a certificate after successfully completing their courses at the Summer Academy. Moreover, participants who successfully completed two courses of Track 1 within the two weeks were not only awarded a certificate but have the possibility to also earn six ECTS Credit Points.








How to Earn Credit Points? (PDF version)

The participants in Track 1 of the Summer Academy (Intercultural Communication, Intercultural Conflict Resolution) have the possibility to acquire academic Credit Points. The Credit Points are granted by Karlshochschule International University, Karlsruhe, Germany, which is one of the co-operating partners of this Summer Academy. The Credit Points are granted according to the European Standard (ECTS Credit Points). It is possible to acquire six ECTS Credit Points.

There are two main conditions for the acquisition of the Credit Points.

1) You have to participate two weeks.
2) You have to redact an Essay.

The participation in the two courses of Track 1 is the basic condition for the acquisition of the Credit Points. In the courses belonging to Track 1, the main content, which is necessary for the redaction of the Essay, was treated.

You can choose to write an Essay related to the content of course 1 (Intercultural Communication) or related to the content of course 2 (Intercultural Conflict Resolution). Some topics for the essays will be announced at the beginning of these courses. You are free to suggest your own topic as well. In any case, one of the lecturers of Karlshochschule International University, either Prof. Dr. Bielzer, or Prof. Dr. Müller, must agree on the topic you choose.

The Essay must be composed meeting academic standards: “An essay is a critical composition, examining a scientific position. The essay must be between five and ten pages long. Students must demonstrate in essays that they are capable of presenting, comparing and critically examining scientific positions as well as forming and expressing their own opinion and establishing interrelations” (quoted from the regulations from Karlshochschule International University, Registrar’s Office). An exemplar of a successfully composed Essay will be shown to you during the Summer Academy.

The additional working hours which have to be invested apart from the contact hours during the Summer Academy might be around 100 (excluding phone calls, preparing tea, etc.). Your recommended schedule for the additional working hours is:

1/4: library research (the lecturers will give you some hints for your search)
1/4: readings
1/2: preparing your essay

The preparation of your Essay will have to take two steps. First, during the Summer Academy, you will formulate some initial questions and speak with your lecturers. Secondly, after the Summer Academy, you will deepen the work on your topic through your own research and readings.

The final version of your Essay has to be delivered – in electronic version only – until October 15, 2013. Preferred format of your file is pdf (Adobe Acrobat). Please send your Essay to this address: