Asia-Europe Cross-Cultural Summer Academy 2013


The practical parts of each course was facilitated by one European and one Asian facilitator.
Anggie Hall

Foto Anggie Hall_150x150Anggie Hall is a freelance intercultural trainer and facilitator. She is Indonesian and has been living in London for the last 4 years. She holds a Master’s Degree in Cross Cultural Psychology from Brunel University in London, with a dissertation in Multi-Cultural Personality in exchange students. Her undergraduate degree was completed at Atma Jaya University in Jakarta, Indonesia, in Psychology with a thesis in Cross-Cultural Psychology.
Anggie has qualified as a trainer for the AFS Intercultural Link Learning Program and is a certified trainer following completion of the Crossing Culture with Competence workshop at the Interchange Institute in Boston. For the past 3 years she has been a Cultural Correspondent for ArgonautOnLine, a global resource for cross cultural advice for business.
As an AFS returnee from the U.S., Anggie has volunteered for AFS Intercultural Programs in Indonesia for 16 years preparing students prior, during and after their trip to a new culture.
Prior to moving to the UK, Anggie worked for 7 years as a language and cultural facilitator for expatriates in Indonesia, gaining insight into the issues faced as a result of multicultural business environments.


Annette Gisevius

Annette GiseviusAnnette Gisevius is the Director of the Intercultural Learning Department at AFS Interkulturelle Begegnungen e.V. She holds a degree in Culture Studies of Leuphana University, Germany and a BA from Angelo State University in Texas. She facilitates intercultural trainings for target groups of all ages, incl. teachers and trainers with a focus on cultural awareness, cultural conflict styles and experiential learning in non-formal adult education.

Annette Gisevius has worked and lived in Germany, Argentina, Chile, and the USA.

She completed a formal education as an “intercultural coach”, is a certified administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), the Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory, the Cultural Detective. She is also a certified trainer of Betzavta and TOP (c) (Technology of participation).


Eisya Sofia Azman

Foto Eisya Sofia Azman 150x150Eisya Sofia Azman is an aspiring social and cross-cultural psychologist. She is currently developing a new online module for the School of Psychology at University of Nottingham Malaysia campus. Prior to this employment, she did a brief internship with Dr Asma Abdullah who is a cross-cultural trainer and educator. She has worked for AFS Antarabudaya Malaysia where she was responsible for international participants who were undergoing intercultural programme in Malaysia.

Eisya holds a Master of Science degree in Social and Applied Psychology from University of Kent, United Kingdom. She completed her undergraduate studies at Monash University, Australia.

She has been involved in sessions on intercultural learning, cross-cultural communication, youth development and human resource management. She has done research on sport volunteerism for the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. Her greatest achievement is being a volunteer at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.


Eva Vitková

Foto Eva Vitkova 150x150Eva Vitková holds a masters degree in International Relations from the University of Economics in Prague. She has been an active trainer and facilitator within AFS and EFIL (European Federation for Intercultural Learning) as well as outside of this network. Her main focus as trainer is Intercultural Communication, Intercultural Conflict Management and Global Education. Eva has successfully completed the Crossing Borders Global Studies programme at Krogerup Folkhighschool in Denmark in 2009. She also atteneded the first Edition of Summer Academy in Karlsruhe in 2010 and returned in 2011 and 2012 as trainer of the workshops „Multicultural Society“ and „Intercultural Training – Design and Facilitation“. She participated in the Summer Institute of Intercultural Communication in Portland, Oregon in the past two years. Since November 2012, Eva is based in New York, where she joined the Education and Intercultural Learning team of AFS Intercultural Programs in the role of Senior Intern.


 Imma Llort i Juncadella

Foto Imma Llort i Juncadella 150x150Imma Llort i Juncadella is the director of the Bambu School, the intercultural education program of Casa Asia, a government institute based in Barcelona, since 2003. She is a founder member and trainer of “Irenia, peace games”, that received the Intercultural Innovation Award  of the UN Alliance of civilisations (2011).  She studied development studies and worked with NGO in India, Nicaragua and Equator.  She took a postgraduate course on Gender and development studies in Madrid and a Master’s degree on Women’s studies at the universities of Barcelona and Lancaster, in England.

She has done research in India and has given training for university students and NGO on the social rural movements of India and the women’s movement. She has given training  to teachers and different age groups and developed teaching materials on Intercultural learning, citizenship and peace education, containing a variety of methodological tools, both in relation to Asian countries and to the Mediterranean region. She has lived in six different countries and is voluntarily involved in different Peace and Intercultural organisations, seeing Intercultural Learning at the heart of her professional and personal life.


Jana Holla

Foto Jana Holla 150x150Jana Holla is a freelance intercultural consultant, facilitator and trainer focusing on intercultural competence building, relocation training and support, and multi-cultural teamwork. She works both for the profit and non-for-profit sectors, drawing on her experience of living and working internationally for over thirteen years.

She holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, and has a Masters in Ethnology. She worked on, and her passion still lies in, (Arab) East-West intercultural relations and dialogue.

She is an active member of the European Pool of Trainers and also served on the Training Advisory Body – both at the European Federation for Intercultural Learning (EFIL). A former president of the Young Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (Young SIETAR), she maintains an active membership.

A native of Slovakia, she has taken up residence in Cairo, Egypt, in 2004 where she’s been enjoying a highly satisfying and fulfilling expat life.


Sujatha Shyamsundar

Sujatha has a M.Ed. and a Masters in Special Education. Though an educationist by profession, at present she runs a Media company. In the past she has worked as a teacher, trainer and project manager for UNICEF. Her interest in Intercultural studies was ignited when she was hosted by a Dutch family during her studies in The Netherlands.

Her involvement with AFS began in 2006, when her son went on an AFS exchange. She has hosted two AFS participants since then . She was instrumental in forming an AFS chapter in her city. She has conducted numerous orientations at both local, regional and national level. She now serves on the Board of AFS India.


Thanakon Tiwawong

Foto Thanakon TiwawongThanakon Tiwawong has been an active AFS volunteer since his exchange program in 2004 in Trutnov, the Czech Republic. His main focuses are intercultural learning, human rights and cross-cultural study (Asian–European). In 2012 he won the third prize of European-wide essay competition in the topic of Migration in Central Europe, in which he wrote about his own integration experiences in Slovakia.He has been in the Asia-Europe Cross-Cultural Summer Academy in Malaysia last year as a participant.

He is currently pursuing his master degree in International Administration and Conflict Management at Constance University, Germany. He completed his bachelor degree in International Economic Relations at the University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia.