Asia-Europe Cross-Cultural Summer Academy 2013

General Info

The Asia-Europe Cross-Cultural Summer Academy on intercultural experience is a two-week course on Intercultural Learning and is the first intercultural learning academy in Malaysia. This  academy is organized by four partners from Asia and Europe. AFS Malaysia and InterCultur are the co-organizers with University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and Karlshochschule International University being our project partners. This academy focuses on intercultural topics with emphasis on Intercultural Communication, Culture and Society with the intention of fostering the intercultural understanding between European and Asian students.

The second edition of the Asia-Europe Cross-Cultural Summer Academy has taken place from August 19 to 30, 2013.

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Subjects of the Summer Academy

The Summer Academy brought together scientists, practitioners, and students to work together on the following questions.

  • What are the major themes in intercultural communication between Europe and Asia? What has been done regarding the globalisation process, how has communication changed? How are cultures constructed, what are their origins and how do people perceive the world? How can we solve the problems that arise when different cultural values meet?
  • Human rights and Conflict Resolution

The  Academy comprised lectures on acquisition of intercultural competence as well as on intercultural trainings. All the courses had complementary workshop sessions with theoretical and practical content offered by lecturers with a high level of expertise and experience in international environments. Lecturers and trainers came from Europe and Asia to create a remarkable intercultural classroom learning experience.

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Target group

The Academy was open to anyone aged 18-35 with a proven interest in the field of intercultural communication, culture and society. Primary target groups were undergraduate students with at least one year of academic record (by the time the academy starts) and young professionals with a background or interest in intercultural experience(s). Participants also needed a good level of English skills, as all courses were taught in English and participants are expected to take an active role throughout the Academy.